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Mumbai’s Buses on a killing spree, claim 32 lives in 2013 | Latest News & Updates at

Mumbai’s Buses on a killing spree, claim 32 lives in 2013 | Latest News & Updates at

A big red blot on Mumbai’s big red bus. Over the last couple of
years, the number of fatal accidents involving the city’s public buses
has shot up.

And this came just when the Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and
Transport Undertaking’s (BEST) record showed some improvement — two
years ago, it had recorded the third lowest year of fatal accidents in
the undertaking’s history.

In  2013, between January and December, there were 29 fatal accidents
in the city in which 32 people lost their lives. The month of August
saw as many as five ‘deadly accidents’ while October had a clean record
with not a single fatal mishap.

The same period witnessed 123 serious accidents, resulting in 147
Mumbaikars sustaining serious injuries and another 56 who suffered minor

In 2012-13, BEST recorded 30 fatal accidents. In 2011-12, it reported
the third-lowest number of fatalities at 26 accidents. A year earlier,
the transport undertaking’s buses saw 49 fatal mishaps.

Taking note of the rising number of accidents, the undertaking has
turned the heat on its drivers. Earlier, those involved in fatal
accidents were suspended from service, now they are dismissed.

Besides, drivers are made to undergo a seven-day refresher’s course to help mitigate the number of mishaps.

Spokesperson of BEST AS Tamboli said that those drivers with zero
accident records are rewarded by BEST. “This is done so that it
motivates driving staff to drive responsibly, carefully and in a safe
manner,” said Tamboli.

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