Saturday, July 3, 2010

TPD: Citation issued in bus stop crash


UPDATE - News 4 has confirmed the driver of a vehicle involved in this accident has been cited.

Police say the driver of a Buick was northbound and clipped the BMW.

Officers say the BMW lost control and crashed.

The driver of the Buick has been cited.

Police have confirmed that no drugs or alcohol was a factor.

TUCSON - A vehicle crashed into a bus stop at Fort Lowell and 1st Avenue Friday morning.

There are reports that 7 people were standing at the bus stop when the vehicle ran into it.

One person inside the vehicle was extricated.

"There could have been a lot of dead people today, including myself," said witness Chris Boyle, who said he was looking for his bus when he saw the BMW coming toward him.

"The light was changing from yellow to red," Boyle said. "It looked like he was making the decision to gun it through the yellow light.

But then, mid-intersection, he slammed on his brakes." Boyle said the driver then lost control. "He hit the curb and took out the fire hydrant, and hit the pole there that holds the traffic light, and it spun him around," he said.

The car spun into the cement bus bench, knocking it several feet back. Boyle said he jumped out of the way.

According to an official with the Tucson Police Department, a Buick travelling north clipped the BMW, causing it to lose control.

The driver of the Buick was cited for a failure to yield violation.

"This other young lady who was with us was literally about to sit down on that bench when it happened," Boyle said.

Several more people were injured, but none of the injuries are life-threatening.

Robert Kilbourn, also waiting at the bus stop, says he was pinned underneath the bench.

"This bench flipped around after it got hit by the car, and it flipped around and hit me and both the bench and I went sailing away," he said. Kilbourn said his leg was hurt, and he's glad that's all.

News 4 asked Kilbourn how he was feeling after the accident.

"Pretty scared," he said "pretty shocked."

TPD officials said that drugs or alcohol were not involved in the accident, and that neither car was speeding at the time.

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