Monday, May 31, 2010


Ask a Train Operator

Dennis Boyd Dennis H. Boyd operates trains on the No. 4 subway line.

This week, Dennis H. Boyd, who operates trains on the No. 4 Lexington Avenue subway line, will be responding to readers’ questions about his work and career at New York City Transit.

Readers who would like to ask Mr. Boyd a question should do so in the comments box below. His first set of responses will be published on Wednesday.

Mr. Boyd was hired by New York City Transit in 1984 as a conductor and was promoted to the supervisory role of motorman in 1986. In 2004, he was elected to the executive board in the train operator division of Transit Workers Union Local 100.

He also serves as a union safety officer, in charge of protecting members of the union in the event of a safety violation on transit agency property.

Mr. Boyd was born in New York in 1953 and lives in the Bronx. He is a Mets fan and an amateur photographer.

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