Thursday, May 20, 2010

Baby In Street Nearly Hit By Bus

A San Antonio woman is fighting for custody to keep her toddler after she was found by a bus driver in the middle of the road late at night."I couldn't tell exactly what it was. It looked like a dog or something," said bus driver Michael Hubbard.Watch: Shocking Video: Baby Found By Bus Driver In StreetHubbard said he was driving and saw the child sitting in the road wearing only a diaper.He said he stopped the bus and got out."I was in shock," said Hubbard.Hubbard said as he walked up to the child, the father of the child ran out of a home nearby and came over and grabbed the baby without saying anything.The mother said 14-month-old Destiny Flores somehow got out of the home."The door was opened, but there was a screen. I thought it was locked," Catherine Gonzalez, the child's mother said.Child Protective Services took the child, along with two others, out of the home."It was an accident that's all it was. It can happen to anyone in the world. It was just an accident that's all it was," Gonzalez said.CPS said they are keeping the child away from the home because the child's father has had problems with drugs and alcohol.Lisa Barra, the child's aunt, said her brother didn't do anything wrong. She said he has had issues in the past with alcohol and drug abuse, but he is doing better."These things do happen. It might not be the same situation. But stuff like this does happen, said Flores.Flores has taken parenting classes and said she has no drug or criminal history and believes she should get her daughter back."Luckily I was there. Who knows what could have happened?" Hubbard said.

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