Friday, May 28, 2010


Police in Taunton are trying to find out who left several bags of heroin near a school bus stop where a first-grade boy found them and took them to school.School officials at the Edmund Hatch Bennett School said the boy found three bags of heroin at his school bus stop Wednesday morning in front of the Fairfax Gardens public housing project.He told adults he picked them up because he thought they looked like candy. Police said each bag contained about 14 grams of heroin.The child offered the bags to two other students on the bus."They have that powdered candy now with the baby bottle pops. I was just overwhelmed with the whole situation. Especially when I found out was heroin. The thought of them leaving that stuff around," said Helen McCaffrey, the grandmother of one of the students. "She would have ingested that, she probably would have died."When the boy arrived at school he threw the heroin away and told his teachers about his discovery. They alerted police.None of the children were harmed.


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