Thursday, May 20, 2010

Man awarded £5,500 whiplash compensation after bus accident

A Kettering man has been awarded £5,500 whiplash compensation after he was injured in a bus accident.

Peter Stone, 51, was knocked unconscious when a bus he was travelling on in February 2006 braked suddenly, causing him to be thrown violently across the vehicle.

Mr Stone hit his hip on a bolt sticking out of a handrail, which resulted in a nasty flesh wound. He ended up unconscious in a heap under the bus’ windscreen.

Since the accident, Mr Stone has suffered with a weakened hip, whiplash and severe back pain. He also had to put his career in education on hold until he recovered from his injuries.

However, after a lengthy compensation battle against bus operator Stagecoach, he has finally won the damages that he was entitled to.

He said: “After four-and-a-half years I have finally got a settlement. I felt so angry. I know there is a compensation culture but people have still got the right to claim for their losses.”

Mr Stone’s personal injury solicitor John Myles said: “It just shows that litigation can take a long time, but if you have a good claim you will get there in the end, particularly with good legal advice. It was more than your average whiplash claim.”

Stagecoach, which ended up settling the claim out of court, refused to make any further comment.

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